#6328: davepoobond -> minimouse

In a chat, minimouse tells me to IM her.


davepoobond: WUT

minimouse: yo

minimouse: asl??

davepoobond: 56/quadsexual/hawaii

minimouse: ok

minimouse: you are nasty

minimouse: im 12

davepoobond: m or f

minimouse: doesn’t matter

davepoobond: i take both kinds if you know what i mean…

minimouse: wanna cyber??

davepoobond: 😉

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: you start

minimouse: u start

davepoobond: are you a m or f

minimouse: i a girl

davepoobond: ok

minimouse: u???

davepoobond: quad

davepoobond: told you

minimouse: what does that mean???

davepoobond: it means i have a penis, a vagina, a goozak and no eyes

minimouse: ok bye

minimouse: you would not be able to read w/ out eyes dork

davepoobond: i have a brail……..monitor

davepoobond: still wanna cyber?

Previous message was not received by minimouse because of error: User minimouse is not available.

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