#6319: elmoisfurry -> davepoobond

Earlier that day some bitch in a jeep almost ran davepoobond and some other guy named raymond over when we were crossing across the street at the enterance to a park across to the bus stop


elmoisfurry: whorefag!

davepoobond: bitch in the jeep

elmoisfurry: yeeeaaa….

davepoobond: almost ran me fuckin over

davepoobond: raymond first

elmoisfurry: die

davepoobond: i almost did

elmoisfurry: i almost helped her run ya over, but i was like, fuck dave and ray, they gonna die soon anyway, let them feel the sweet breath of life for a coupla more hours, then, oh yes then!…

davepoobond: wtf

elmoisfurry: yea! die beotch!

elmoisfurry: i mean……ummm….eat shit ya mutha fucka, ya bitch whore monky, ya queen of ball sacks!!!!

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