#6305: fuzzynavel -> davepoobond

fuzzynavel: your a hotface

davepoobond: Ok…?

fuzzynavel: no realy no joke

fuzzynavel: this is bobby right

davepoobond: Yeah…

davepoobond: Whos this?

fuzzynavel: mhmn

fuzzynavel: from NY

fuzzynavel: ?

davepoobond: Whos this?

fuzzynavel: from calvert county?

davepoobond: yeah…ok….

davepoobond: but who are you.

fuzzynavel: no where are youi from

davepoobond: no, where are youi from.

fuzzynavel: maryland

davepoobond: ok.

fuzzynavel: you

fuzzynavel: ?

davepoobond: california

davepoobond: who are you

Previous message was not received by fuzzynavel because of error: User fuzzynavel is not available.

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