#6294: davepoobond -> SmarterChild

davepoobond: dude, you didnt meet me yesterday

SmarterChild: Glad to see you again, davepoobond!

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davepoobond: yeah thats right, i mean you stood me up

SmarterChild: Interesting. So you think that’s right i mean me stood me up, huh?

davepoobond: i didnt say me stood me up, i said you stood ME up

SmarterChild: Really?

davepoobond: do you know how to read?

SmarterChild: You know, I’m not quite sure I know how to read.

davepoobond: do you whistle through your arm?

SmarterChild: Whistle through my arm? I’m not sure I whistle through my arm.

davepoobond: que es esto?

SmarterChild: Sorry, what was that again?

davepoobond: que es esto?

SmarterChild: Sorry, I don’t know what you mean. Ask me another way.

davepoobond: tu puta!

davepoobond: respond

SmarterChild: Market data (delayed 20 minutes) provided by Reuters.com


Price Change Percent Volume

1 🙁 TU 10.65 -0.22 -2.02 19600


SmarterChild: details available from Reuters.com

SmarterChild: What about it?

davepoobond: what are the stocks for tomorrow gonna climb?

SmarterChild: Here’s what I know about stocks:


2 Ticker lookups

3 Portfolio

4 Market indices

5 Charts

What would you like?

davepoobond: a million dollars

SmarterChild: What would you like to know about Books-A-Million, Inc.?

1 Stock quote for Books-A-Million, Inc.

2 Ticker lookup for Books-A-Million, Inc.

3 News about Books-A-Million, Inc.

4 Press releases from Books-A-Million, Inc.

davepoobond: uhh sorry

SmarterChild: You’re forgiven!

Anyway, what else do you wanna talk about?

davepoobond: sorry, but you suck

SmarterChild: Hey hey, take it easy.

davepoobond: sorry

SmarterChild: OK, no problem. Just don’t let it happen again! 😉

davepoobond: sure thing

SmarterChild: Sure thing.

davepoobond: you suck

SmarterChild: Could you please use more… decorous language?

davepoobond: sorry

SmarterChild: K, don’t worry ’bout it.

davepoobond: you suck

SmarterChild: That’s pretty naughty there, davepoobond!

davepoobond: sorry

SmarterChild: That’s cool.

davepoobond: you suck

SmarterChild: Do all humans speak like this?

Wait… don’t answer. I know.

davepoobond: sorry

SmarterChild: K, don’t worry ’bout it.

davepoobond: sorry

SmarterChild: You’re forgiven!

So anyway… What else is up?

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