#6282: davepoobond -> fartsinajar

davepoobond: wow

fartsinajar: wha

davepoobond: yer on

fartsinajar: huh

davepoobond: blah

fartsinajar: stewpid

davepoobond: NO YOU’RE STUPID

fartsinajar: hey, did you see stimpyismyname’s braces?

davepoobond: barely

fartsinajar: ha ha

fartsinajar: i saw them

davepoobond: yay

davepoobond: it was funny watching him eat lunch

davepoobond: 3 apple sauce packages

davepoobond: and he was drinking them

fartsinajar: hee hee

fartsinajar: i’m notifying aol on you

davepoobond: why

davepoobond: u didnt really do it, did you?

fartsinajar: because you’re not being nice to my baby bro

fartsinajar: no

davepoobond: k

fartsinajar: why

davepoobond: because i was wondering

fartsinajar: huh

fartsinajar: oooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy

davepoobond: are you gonna see Legend of Kung Pow?

fartsinajar: no… yes!!!

davepoobond: “my name is betty”

fartsinajar: that looks like a classic

fartsinajar: ha ha

fartsinajar: i g2g

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: bye

fartsinajar: see ya later

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