#6275: elmoisfurry -> davepoobond

elmoisfurry: yay

elmoisfurry: german rock song

elmoisfurry: scheiße!

elmoisfurry: i have ta go to scouts

davepoobond: haaaaaaaaaaaa

elmoisfurry: but at least we get cobbler tonight

elmoisfurry: so eat it fugga

davepoobond: cobbler!

davepoobond: bring me some

davepoobond: bitch

davepoobond: or i’ll hang you

elmoisfurry: or dont cause ur not gonna get any fuker

elmoisfurry: u aint gettin no cobblas

davepoobond: i best be gettin some cobblas boy

elmoisfurry: dont call me boy son

davepoobond: or i’ll cobbla you

elmoisfurry: lo

elmoisfurry: l

elmoisfurry: lol!!!!!!!!!

elmoisfurry: german rap!!!!!!

elmoisfurry: haha

elmoisfurry: boo!

davepoobond: why are you still here

elmoisfurry: cause im not stupid

elmoisfurry: unlike u

elmoisfurry: stupid i never said i have scouts NOW

elmoisfurry: just that i have it

elmoisfurry: its at 7

elmoisfurry: fugly bastard

davepoobond: …..

elmoisfurry: haha

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