#6262: davepoobond -> elmoisfurry

davepoobond: hey.

davepoobond: u suk

elmoisfurry: yo

elmoisfurry: no

elmoisfurry: y

elmoisfurry: ho

davepoobond: cuz. you like to watch the Power Puff Girls

davepoobond: like its porn

elmoisfurry: oh

elmoisfurry: yea

elmoisfurry: sorry bout that

davepoobond: its ok, i forgive your soul

davepoobond: you’re lucky *I* have the 30 second cotton candy maker

elmoisfurry: ur lucky that i havent stab u yet

davepoobond: I have the tonka monster trucks builder game, i dont think YOU do…….now do you?

elmoisfurry: yes

davepoobond: really

elmoisfurry: yea!

elmoisfurry: duh

davepoobond: thas great

elmoisfurry: yup it is

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