#6256: Katie18F3888 -> davepoobond

Katie18F3888: Do you want to watch real girls showing off thier body and doing crazy things on there webcam? I know you do and you can watch and chat with them for free!!!! There is over 1 million men and women right now that have their cameras running waiting for you to come watch. It’s all free and if you want you can even host your own show. You don’t need anything to get started justCLICK HERE, sign up for free, and begin watching and chatting today!

davepoobond: I don’t NEED to host my show, I already HAVE one

davepoobond: its called the “Ignore You by Clicking Ignore” show, which i will now have the 5123489275982374th episode of, concerning you

davepoobond: and we feature webcam shows too

davepoobond: that are better than your million

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