#6252: Tiffanygirl 0108 -> davepoobond

Note: it was christmas


Tiffanygirl 0108: Merry christmas! 🙂 my name is Tiffany, I just got a webcam and am having a ball with it. You sounded fun from your profile so I was wondering if you wanted to take a look?

click here for my webcam page

davepoobond: hey, i can give you a list of screen names of people to IM

davepoobond: y’gotta IM me back though

davepoobond: so you can advertise to more peoples

davepoobond: you get payed by the IM, dont you?

davepoobond: at least 1 hundredth an IM

davepoobond: 1 hundredth of a penny, that is.

davepoobond: i mean, COME ON. a hundredth of a penny is a lot, for you

davepoobond: hello?

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