#6241: allieM -> davepoobond

allieM: hi

davepoobond: hi

allieM: asl

davepoobond: i’m 16/m/ca

allieM: sweet

davepoobond: what part of ca u live in

allieM: l.a

davepoobond: i’m around LA too

davepoobond: u got a pic

allieM: nope you?

davepoobond: nah

allieM: k

davepoobond: do you live in LA or around LA

allieM: LA

allieM: do u have a third titty

davepoobond: lol no

allieM: okay

davepoobond: i have 56

allieM: good

allieM: o gross

davepoobond: they’re in a line down my stomach

davepoobond: and even go down my leg

allieM: ohh nasty

davepoobond: its kinda nasty, cuz they’re not actually full grown, but they have like a sack kinda thing to each one

allieM: nasty who would date someone who had that

davepoobond: most of the boy cheerleaders

davepoobond: and color guard

allieM: omg r u gay

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: they WOULD, but i never did.

allieM: then y did u say that most of the boy cheerleaders and color guard would dat u

davepoobond: they WOULD

allieM: ur gross

davepoobond: unlike most women and men, i can have 56-somes

allieM: ur joking u dont have 56 right

davepoobond: i dont know…..maybe you’ll have to come over and see for yourself

allieM: no

davepoobond: lol, i’m just joking

allieM: im not a prev

davepoobond: joking about you coming over

allieM: but do u have um

davepoobond: my mom, the lady with no nipples wouldnt appreciate that

allieM: what

davepoobond: my dad has 3 penises

allieM: ?

allieM: w/e ur such a liar

davepoobond: and my brother, has no head.

allieM: god ur stupid

davepoobond: he’s just shoulders

davepoobond: and my sister, she takes after mom

davepoobond: but has no eyes

davepoobond: my aunt wasn’t born with 15 chromosomes

allieM: god shut up

allieM: u suck at lieing

davepoobond: and i impregnated myself

davepoobond: i have 45 babies in my womb

allieM: god ur gross

davepoobond: i had to buy an extension at Pic-N-Save

davepoobond: so now i have 15 stomachs to carry all my children

allieM: shut up perv

allieM: ur a prev

davepoobond: no i’m not.

davepoobond: its human nature.

davepoobond: hybrid human nature, but still human nature

allieM: bull shit

davepoobond: i’m like a spider.

davepoobond: i give birth then i die

allieM: ur a liar

davepoobond: but i’m not a spider

davepoobond: so i dont die

davepoobond: did i tell you about my uncle that is actually a pool of piss?

davepoobond: dont ask me how it came to be

davepoobond: ok, fine go ahead

davepoobond: ask me

allieM: no

davepoobond: allieM:

davepoobond: oops

davepoobond: teehee

davepoobond: ask me, go ahead.

allieM: yes, what is it? (this was dave saying it)

davepoobond: well, then, that’s a very good question.

davepoobond: my dad, stood on top of the ceiling

davepoobond: and since he has 4 penises, he pisses a lot

davepoobond: so the pee was so heavy it fell through the roof

davepoobond: and that’s how my dad gave birth to my uncle

davepoobond: the end

allieM: ur discusting

davepoobond: do you like harry potter?

allieM: no

davepoobond: he’s my son-in-law’s brother-in-law’s aunt’s uncle’s son’s nephew’s husband’s son

allieM: ya w/e

davepoobond: w/e?

davepoobond: whats that

allieM: ur so sick and ur such a liar

davepoobond: did i mention i have a lot of butt hair?

allieM: i dont kare

davepoobond: yes you do

allieM: no i dont

davepoobond: yes you do

allieM: i would like to speak to ur mother

davepoobond: okay.

davepoobond: but she’ll get mighty mad

davepoobond: i’ll change the font so that you know its her

allieM: o well

allieM: k

davepoobond: Nippless Susan here. whaddya want, i’m watching Judge Judy.

allieM: ya ur such a liat

allieM: god ur gay

davepoobond: ok, that’s it, i dont have to take this from you. I’m watching Judge Judy

davepoobond: good bye.

davepoobond: well, that was my mom

allieM: ya w/e

davepoobond: w/e?

davepoobond: WHAT IS W/E

allieM: whatever

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: bold

davepoobond: unbold

davepoobond: italic

davepoobond: unitalic

davepoobond: underline

davepoobond: ununderline

allieM: SHUT UP

davepoobond: hi

allieM: what do u want fag boy

davepoobond: my biggest breast is 3AAA

davepoobond: and i can braid my butt hair

allieM: omg shoove it in ur butt hair

davepoobond: shoove?

allieM: ya

davepoobond: rrrrrriiiiiiightttt

davepoobond: i thought shoove was when a human mates with an elephant

allieM: shut up fagdet

davepoobond: i dont see how i can do that with my butt hair

davepoobond: fagdet?

davepoobond: gadget?

davepoobond: pfft

davepoobond: hahaha

allieM: i really think ur gat

davepoobond: i’m not a goat

allieM: ya you are

davepoobond: do you think that’s funny

davepoobond: i’m not a goat. i dont eat tin cans.

davepoobond: i do give milk though, like a goat

allieM: i mean it

allieM: ill call the cops

davepoobond: instead of a penis, i have an udder

davepoobond: whoa.

davepoobond: why would you do that

allieM: cuz ur being a ass

davepoobond: you cant call the cops for someone being an ass..

davepoobond: and you dont even know where i live

allieM: ya i do

davepoobond: i actually live in Michigan – the home of the person with 56 titties

davepoobond: so ha

allieM: i actually live in wisconsin

davepoobond: no wa

davepoobond: y

davepoobond: the cheese state?

allieM: ya way

allieM: ya ‘

davepoobond: but then california has better cheese than wisconscin nowadays

davepoobond: since wisconscinscccijalfj is so cold

allieM: its not cold

davepoobond: yes it is

allieM: we have no sno

allieM: w

davepoobond: yes you do, i can see it from here

allieM: w/e

davepoobond: you live in the rocky mountains

allieM: no

davepoobond: wisconscianslkjfds is nothing but mountains

allieM: not really

davepoobond: yes really

allieM: trust me id no ive lived here my whole life

davepoobond: mmhmm

davepoobond: well, i think you’ve been living on the planet BLAH

davepoobond: because you cant see snow falling down in front of you

allieM: w/e

allieM: i hate u

davepoobond: i love you

davepoobond: lets get married

allieM: thanks

allieM: k good idea

allieM: were shall we meet

davepoobond: corner of main and 2nd

davepoobond: where a baithing suit

allieM: k what state

allieM: ok i will

davepoobond: is hanging

allieM: what state

davepoobond: no, where a baithing suit is hanging

davepoobond: not wear a baithing suit

davepoobond: ok, go ahead and wear one

davepoobond: lets meet in Nevada

allieM: okay

davepoobond: they’ve got lots of casinos there we can get married at

allieM: ill wear a bathins suit

davepoobond: bathins

allieM: ya

davepoobond: ok thats great.

davepoobond: on your mark, get set, go

allieM: k

allieM: ru there yet

davepoobond: yes, i am. i’m waiting for you

allieM: im there stupid

davepoobond: wat

davepoobond: i dont see you

davepoobond: i’m talking on my cell phone now

allieM: im right behind u

davepoobond: dont you see me

davepoobond: ah there you are

allieM: ya

davepoobond: yep

davepoobond: lets get married

allieM: do u like my bathing suit

davepoobond: yes. have you thought of breast implants?

davepoobond: i have.

davepoobond: i have 56

allieM: mine r bigger than all urs put together

davepoobond: waaaaa

davepoobond: oh well

davepoobond: wanna go back to my room

allieM: ya lets go

davepoobond: okay

allieM: i gtg

allieM: my mama is calling me home

davepoobond: ok bye

allieM: bye

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