#6194: davepoobond -> Bones Justice

davepoobond: boo.

Bones Justice: who the hell is this

davepoobond: its me, your old pal

davepoobond: Jimminy Cricket

Bones Justice: what??

davepoobond: isnt this……Pinocchio?

Bones Justice: nope

Bones Justice: wrong person man

davepoobond: oh…….

Bones Justice: lol

Bones Justice: lmao

davepoobond: whats so funny, sir?

Bones Justice: nah u mistaken me for someone else

Bones Justice: lol

davepoobond: sorry, i’m a cricket. you may ask “since when do crickets have AOL?” but, now is the time sir.

Bones Justice: lol r u ok

Bones Justice: u smokin

Bones Justice: something

davepoobond: yeah, i’m sure i’m ok. i’m just trying to look for Pinocchio

davepoobond: i’m his guardian cricket, y’know?

Bones Justice: well good luck finding whoever

Bones Justice: lol

Bones Justice: how u know my s/n

davepoobond: i typed it into my buddy list

davepoobond: and you just happen to be on

Bones Justice: where did u c me at

davepoobond: my buddy list.

Bones Justice: no i mean was i in a chat room or something

Bones Justice: u was in the cafe one time right

davepoobond: um um um um um

davepoobond: sorry, my cricket brain can’t remember

davepoobond: i only have about 4 brain cells y’know?

davepoobond: i know how to do 4 things

davepoobond: jump

davepoobond: jump high

davepoobond: chirp

davepoobond: and…………….

davepoobond: rub my legs together

Bones Justice: lol well good luck finding the person

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