#6191: davepoobond -> BigBubbyPooh

davepoobond: nice s n lol

BigBubbyPooh: yep

BigBubbyPooh: who may this be?

davepoobond: nice s n lol

BigBubbyPooh: i like your sn too

davepoobond: Thank you for your responses. They have been anonymously logged in the AI (Artifical Intelligence) response database. You can send one more response to be recorded. These are questions from promotion of a Christian website. So, be nice in your response. 🙂

BigBubbyPooh: i worship satan help me jesus!

BigBubbyPooh: help me

BigBubbyPooh: i need help jesus

BigBubbyPooh: help me

BigBubbyPooh: satan is torturing my life

BigBubbyPooh: not!

davepoobond: i said one you bastard

BigBubbyPooh: satan lives forever

BigBubbyPooh: ahahahhahahhahahahahaahhahahahahah

BigBubbyPooh: your the bastard

BigBubbyPooh: jesus is a bastard

BigBubbyPooh: i am jewish

davepoobond: your MOMS JEWISH

davepoobond: ha!

BigBubbyPooh: yea i am too

davepoobond: exactly.

BigBubbyPooh: duh!

davepoobond: ooooOOOOH dissssssssss

BigBubbyPooh: you wanna fight you big nosed booger pickin pitch??

davepoobond: no

BigBubbyPooh: huh?

BigBubbyPooh: huh?

davepoobond: i’m just a christian fellow

BigBubbyPooh: thats what i thought

BigBubbyPooh: shooooe

davepoobond: ‘en oo en aye, would you be?

davepoobond: traveler aye?

BigBubbyPooh: yes

davepoobond: we aint got much travelers ’round here

BigBubbyPooh: were are you?

davepoobond: you should stay away from Bane, he’s a twisted man….and his kind

BigBubbyPooh: up jesuses ass?

BigBubbyPooh: who is bane?

davepoobond: lookin for your dildo? i’m sorry, but there isnt any guild like that any more, i closed it up 2 years ago this very mornin’ for some fine wine

davepoobond: nice to see the back of him! nice to see the back of him

BigBubbyPooh: i love didos

BigBubbyPooh: i collect them

BigBubbyPooh: i like the used ones best!

BigBubbyPooh: mmmm mmmm mmmmmm

davepoobond: get a job

davepoobond: ya prick!

BigBubbyPooh: i have a job

davepoobond: what is it

BigBubbyPooh: i teach horse back riding

BigBubbyPooh: at the ymca

BigBubbyPooh: you?

davepoobond: this is my job.

davepoobond: i’m a robot

davepoobond: the AI

BigBubbyPooh: talk to

BigBubbyPooh: smarter child

BigBubbyPooh: he is a robot

davepoobond: he’s my brother.

BigBubbyPooh: maybee you guys can have cyber sex

davepoobond: oh, we do lad…we do.

BigBubbyPooh: yea?

BigBubbyPooh: me and my brothers fuck all the time they dp me

BigBubbyPooh: it feelllss

BigBubbyPooh: good

BigBubbyPooh: gooder than satan whiping my ass

(i get warned anonymously to 33%)

davepoobond: are you warning me?

BigBubbyPooh: no

davepoobond: sure ya arent…

BigBubbyPooh: how do u warn people?

davepoobond: shut up

BigBubbyPooh: i just got aim today

BigBubbyPooh: im not shure how to use it

davepoobond: ya ya go on


I warn him to 35%.


davepoobond: ya like that?

davepoobond: huh huh huh?

BigBubbyPooh: i dont think that god would think thats very nice

davepoobond: me – 33, you – 35

davepoobond: HA

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