#6183: GreenLantern -> davepoobond

GreenLantern: hi

GreenLantern: sorry i got booted

davepoobond: ok

GreenLantern: so are u a Green Lantern?

davepoobond: sure,

GreenLantern: i dont see your ring

davepoobond: oops. i forgot it

davepoobond: let me put it on

GreenLantern: oh man………

GreenLantern: pleaz never take it off

GreenLantern: do u kno how to use your ring?

davepoobond: yep.

davepoobond: ::puts it on:: boo boo! ::shoots lasers out of it::

GreenLantern: would u like to join my friends Green Lantern rpg?

GreenLantern: ::shields::

yeah thats nice

davepoobond: sure

GreenLantern: ok

GreenLantern: whats you name?

GreenLantern: your*

davepoobond: Dave

GreenLantern: ok

GreenLantern: ok do u kno what to do when i do this?

GreenLantern: ::makes a pak of dogs::

GreenLantern: ::they all attack him::

davepoobond: ::makes a pack of mountain lions::

davepoobond: ::they all attack them::

GreenLantern: ::they dissolve::

GreenLantern: good

davepoobond: yay

GreenLantern: ::creates a giant tiger::

GreenLantern: ::it attacks::

davepoobond: ::creats a nerd in glasses::


GreenLantern: ::creates a game show host::

GreenLantern: thats incorrect

davepoobond: AHH!!!!

davepoobond: ::kills the game show host with a giant fist that comes out of the ring::

GreenLantern: ill be watching u

GreenLantern: ::flies away::

davepoobond: why?

GreenLantern: ::a big boxing glove hammers him into the ground::

GreenLantern: ::laughs::

davepoobond: oh nooooooo

davepoobond: ::farts and blows up::

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