#6179: chocotaco -> davepoobond

chocotaco: hi. bye.

davepoobond: who the

chocotaco: who are you?

davepoobond: who are YOU

davepoobond: you IMd me

chocotaco: no u did

chocotaco: along time ago

chocotaco: so i added u ot the bl

davepoobond: no i didnt

chocotaco: ot = to

chocotaco: uh huh

davepoobond: what’d i say?

chocotaco: nutin

chocotaco: ur kinda wierd

davepoobond: how so

chocotaco: u said wierd shit fool

chocotaco: so wuts ur name?

davepoobond: when was this!

davepoobond: i dont know what you’re talking about

chocotaco: back int he day

chocotaco: maybe 4 months

davepoobond: he he he hell no…i didnt IM you…..its this sn “i” IMd you from?

chocotaco: wtf

chocotaco: yah

davepoobond: what type of stuff was i saying?

chocotaco: i dont remember

davepoobond: ok whatever.

davepoobond: whats your name

chocotaco: wtf is ur name?

davepoobond: wtf is ur name!

chocotaco: they call me romo

davepoobond: tony roma?

chocotaco: no

chocotaco: danny romo

chocotaco: with an “O”

davepoobond: danny tambarelli?

chocotaco: ^

davepoobond: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i understand now

chocotaco: alrite…

chocotaco: and ur name?

davepoobond: dave

chocotaco: dave?

davepoobond: yes, dave. you got a problem jack? better hit the road. dont come back no mo’ no mo’ no mo’

davepoobond: sorry. had to add in the last part

davepoobond: ahhaahha!

davepoobond: its not my fault my parents named me that

chocotaco: sorrie to hear that..

davepoobond: dont be sorry

davepoobond: do something about it

davepoobond: donate to my fund

chocotaco: no thanx

chocotaco: not into that kind shit

davepoobond: i’m the guy that goes around to grocery stores and collects the money in the “give a child a home foundation” box shit

davepoobond: and i keep the money for myself

chocotaco: thats fucked up

davepoobond: those kids on there, are my neighbors

davepoobond: i payed them 5 bucks each

chocotaco: ohh

davepoobond: prior to that

chocotaco: then thats okay

davepoobond: and then they went and bought mud

chocotaco: mud

chocotaco: wtf

davepoobond: and spread it all over themselves to make themselves look dirty and unbathed-like

chocotaco: was it homogonized mud?

davepoobond: then i took a picture of them, in different groups

davepoobond: i dont know. they bought it

chocotaco: uh huh

davepoobond: and i gave the pictures to all the grocery stores, and told them to get little plastic boxes

davepoobond: so that people can put money in there

davepoobond: my earnings have come out to $23,018.01 so far

davepoobond: pretty cool huh?

chocotaco: i guess

davepoobond: have you got any scams you’re the head cheese of?

chocotaco: nope

davepoobond: i’m starting to run out of pictures to give. i need new ones, and the police are on my ass now, for having children being pictured without their parents consent

davepoobond: do you have any cute-looking little kids near your house?

davepoobond: so you can take pictures of them, with torn shirts and etc.

davepoobond: and give them to me?

chocotaco: nope

davepoobond: damn. you’re in a boring town

davepoobond: dont you have anything to talk about?
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