#6177: davepoobond -> Lumpy

davepoobond: do anything illegal lately?

Lumpy: I stole a car set it on fire and sold illegal drugs….. you?

davepoobond: i drove a car into the Mississippi, watching it flow away

davepoobond: stole a bum’s grapes

davepoobond: and shot people with a shotgun full of grapes

davepoobond: and made a guy on a bike slam into a pole

Lumpy: cool

Lumpy: I wne to scoutland and opened a beer in front of a cow

Lumpy: went*

Lumpy: which is illegal over there

davepoobond: i milked a cow, then i shot it

davepoobond: and i ran naked through the fields

Lumpy: I run naked through rush hour

davepoobond: i poop on cars, while the people are still in them

Lumpy: cool

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