#6174: davepoobond -> PowerDJ

davepoobond: give me money

POWder DJ: fuck you

davepoobond: the hell

davepoobond: you got some attitude

davepoobond: wanna take this outside?

POWder DJ: naw

davepoobond: why not

POWder DJ: who the fuck u think u r, i aint givin u any money

davepoobond: you afraid

davepoobond: i bet you

davepoobond: 5 cents that you’re afraid

POWder DJ: yea, whtevr

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: good

davepoobond: i bet you 5 cents then

POWder DJ: this is pretty some fucker lik constintino

davepoobond: quit talking Italian with ME bitch

davepoobond: i know what you’re saying

POWder DJ: *probably

POWder DJ: Constintino is a person dumbass

davepoobond: well well, excuse me for not knowing who the hell continbutthole is

POWder DJ: lol, aight whtevr

POWder DJ: who the hell is this

davepoobond: i’m PaRappa da Rappa

POWder DJ: ur a funny mother fucker arent u

davepoobond: yes i am

POWder DJ: ye right, whtevr

davepoobond: i AM right

davepoobond: no offense, but, are you a molestor?

POWder DJ: no

davepoobond: no what?

davepoobond: no offense taken?

davepoobond: or no your not not a molestor

POWder DJ: ur a moron arnt u

davepoobond: moron?

POWder DJ: no, im not a molestor

davepoobond: are you sure?

POWder DJ: who the hell is this

davepoobond: i told you

davepoobond: fine fine

davepoobond: i’ll tell you

davepoobond: Rolly Polly Molly

POWder DJ: u were a guy a minute ago

davepoobond: i had a sex change, so sue me

POWder DJ: latr

davepoobond: bye

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: hello

davepoobond: ollah

davepoobond: uno mas por favor?

POWder DJ: do u even know wht tht means

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: it means “you’re a dumbass”

POWder DJ: it means one more please

davepoobond: no thank you

davepoobond: unos burrows en tus pantalones?

POWder DJ: u know, i can send u a fucking virus if u dont lay off biznatch

davepoobond: why would you though?

davepoobond: its all fun and games

POWder DJ: b/c ur pissing me off

davepoobond: ok ok. i’m sorry

davepoobond: can we be friends?

POWder DJ: no

POWder DJ: not unless u tell me who u r

davepoobond: my name is dave

PowerDJ: with out a fuckin name tht rymes

davepoobond: heh

POWder DJ: aight, thtz it

davepoobond: IT IS!

davepoobond: you dont believe me?

davepoobond: i cant be named dave?

POWder DJ: no i dont

POWder DJ: do u go to LC

davepoobond: what the hell is LC?

POWder DJ: y the fuck r u IM ing me

davepoobond: umm…..i talk to (censored name)


POWder DJ: !!!!!!!

POWder DJ: !!!!!!

POWder DJ: !!!!!

davepoobond: heh


POWder DJ: !!!!!!!

davepoobond: she told me to say that

POWder DJ: !!!!!

POWder DJ: !!!!!!!

POWder DJ: i know this is u alison

POWder DJ: !

davepoobond: whos alison?

POWder DJ: if u tlk to (censored name) u should know

davepoobond: uh, she never told me her name

POWder DJ: do u use AIM?

davepoobond: what do you think?

POWder DJ: u could be using AOL

davepoobond: well, i’m not

POWder DJ: i know ur trying to get baq at me

davepoobond: back at you for what?

davepoobond: i dont even know what you’re talking about

davepoobond: friendly question: do you eat cheesecake?

POWder DJ: im not answerin tht b/c i know u’ll make dumb shit joke

davepoobond: i said “friendly question”

davepoobond: i wasnt gonna make a joke out of it

POWder DJ: its ok

davepoobond: NO! ITS NOT OKAY! its all about YOU YOU YOU YOU

davepoobond: what about ME ME ME ME ME

davepoobond: you make me cry

davepoobond: you hurt my feelings

POWder DJ: fuck off bitch

davepoobond: wahhhh

davepoobond: you sure are a meany

POWder DJ: ur such a pussy

davepoobond: thanks

davepoobond: i’m actually a Siamese kitty

davepoobond: i eat tuna

POWder DJ: i eat your mom

davepoobond: YOU CANNIBAL!

davepoobond: HOW COULD YOU….eat our only mom

davepoobond: your a bad brother!

davepoobond: bad bad bad bad!

POWderDJ signed off at 5:52:12 PM.

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