#6166: davepoobond -> MyLeftTesticle

davepoobond: ok…………………………………

MyLeftTesticle: Yeah

MyLeftTesticle: I think you’re stupid too

MyLeftTesticle: Stupid sister wants to use the phone…

MyLeftTesticle: Dumb bitch

davepoobond: lol

MyLeftTesticle: I wish I could slap her and her lesbian girlfriend

davepoobond: then do it

MyLeftTesticle: No, can’t…

MyLeftTesticle: I’ll get in trouble

MyLeftTesticle: Stupid mother

MyLeftTesticle: She’d ground me from the internet

davepoobond: slap her around too

MyLeftTesticle: …

davepoobond: get the most out of it

MyLeftTesticle: I wish…

davepoobond: heh

MyLeftTesticle: In a perfect world I could do whatever I wanted without getting in trouble

MyLeftTesticle: I have to get off in three minutes anyways…

davepoobond: “the first thing i’d do is slap the bitches!”

MyLeftTesticle: It’s funny watching them dumb bitches suffer

MyLeftTesticle: Yes, slap the bitches

MyLeftTesticle: fucking whores…

MyLeftTesticle: Kicking me off now…

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: thats not 3 minutes though

MyLeftTesticle: I know

MyLeftTesticle: I have like a minute and a half left

MyLeftTesticle: Stupid hos

MyLeftTesticle: hoes*

MyLeftTesticle: too damn cheap to make their pimp any moeny

MyLeftTesticle: money*

MyLeftTesticle: Hmm…

davepoobond: hah

MyLeftTesticle: ::farts….leaves a present for whoever is on the puter later…::

davepoobond: lol

MyLeftTesticle: stinky!

MyLeftTesticle: 15 seconds

MyLeftTesticle: 10 seconds

MyLeftTesticle: 5 seconds

MyLeftTesticle: 0 seconds…

MyLeftTesticle: ::still on::

MyLeftTesticle: Mwuahahah

davepoobond: yer pushin’ the limit, pally

MyLeftTesticle: ::hopes he’s pissing them dumb bitches off::

MyLeftTesticle: Yes, I am

MyLeftTesticle: ::loves pushing the limit;:

MyLeftTesticle: They’re talking trash now…

MyLeftTesticle: They think they’re soooo cool

MyLeftTesticle: Just cause I aint saying nothing to them…

MyLeftTesticle: Hahah

MyLeftTesticle: later

davepoobond: bye

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