#6138: davepoobond -> YoursTruly

davepoobond: moo

YoursTruly: duck

davepoobond: orange

YoursTruly: pink

davepoobond: P-P

YoursTruly: m&m

YoursTruly: beat that duckboy!

davepoobond: mars candy

YoursTruly: whatchamacallit

davepoobond: rolos

YoursTruly: nerds!

davepoobond: 3 cheese doritos

YoursTruly: poopy brown

davepoobond: oh ho!

davepoobond: santa clause yellow

YoursTruly: caesar!

davepoobond: …..

YoursTruly: ……….?

davepoobond: mashed cream pie

YoursTruly: poopy brown

davepoobond: cant use that

davepoobond: you already did

YoursTruly: 😛 watch me!

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: never!

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