#6135: davepoobond -> ~lil basketball gurl~

This person gave davepoobond an email, and he replied back. Then, he IMd her. Whoopee!


>From: “Erica Vrhel” <glitter_gurl@msn.com>

>To: <davebond_cashmm@hotmail.com>

>Subject: hey!!

>Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2001 22:01:15 -0400


>dear fagots, im sorry to say but this sight sucks!!!!!it looks like u guys r just all imature if u ask me!!!!!

ohh hoho peepee heehee poopoo imm imature lets draw pictures of peepee!!!thats an imatation of u!!!!!!i just wanted to tell u that if u want a funny sight then dont be so imature next time!!


what davepoobond sent back:

thank you, we always like comments like these, and you suck, actually. cuz you ACTUALLY wasted your fucking useless 5 minutes of your meaningless life at our site. it was all worth it JUST to have you suffer for 5 minutes or less. i hope you die. i hope you cant poop for 3 weeks, and with a name like “Erica Vrhel” i dont see how you’d get any guys to fuck you for 3 cents. you’re a cheap ho, and i wouldn’t even go to your house for a fuck. now you must pay the price!











haha. wheee!

you suck, by the way…and you’re a loser. if you think our site is so bad, why dont you give us some “good” stuff and we’ll put it up? and, i dont see you making any sites, so you cant say our site sucks, truly, because you suck….and you suck. did i mention you suck? oh yeah, you suck, you suck you suck you suck you suck


Then he IMd her on MSN messenger…


Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

davepoobond: guess what. you suck

~lil basketball gurl~: hey who is this?

davepoobond: guess

davepoobond: didja check your mail yet?

davepoobond: ahahaha

~lil basketball gurl~: thanx

~lil basketball gurl~: i am right now

davepoobond: ::taps his foot, waiting::

~lil basketball gurl~: look asshole! you better stop fucking with my sister and dont send her anymore nasty e mails. i swear i will kick ass. just so you know, ive printed your little e-mail out and i have your real name and your online name.if you fuck w/my sister again.i will turn it in to the cops for assault. thank you

davepoobond: …

davepoobond: yeah, well, guess what

davepoobond: she did the same thing to me

davepoobond: she dissed my web site

davepoobond: and said it was gay

davepoobond: and i put a lot of effort into that stuff, and she goes around and says its gay, and immature

davepoobond: and that just pisses me off

~lil basketball gurl~: im sorry, i didnt know that she said that.she wont do it again. i promise!!!

davepoobond: thanks…

davepoobond: this is how i get when people do this to me, i just return the favor

davepoobond: she signed our guestbook too, and said it was gay, and she sent me a mail saying it was gay

davepoobond: seemed like she went out of her way to say it was a bad site

~lil basketball gurl~: she just showed me the e-mail you wrote her and i dont appreciate some of the things you said to her. anyway i get your point, and again, im sorry she dissed your site.

davepoobond: ehh, its no problem

davepoobond: i tend to treat people the same way they do to me, so yeah

~lil basketball gurl~: k. thanks for being understanding.

davepoobond: sure…

~lil basketball gurl~: and again, we get your point!!

davepoobond: ok

davepoobond: it was sorta funny though…

davepoobond: she actually stayed at the site long enough to do that stuff

davepoobond: and she said it was horrible

~lil basketball gurl~: yeag’

~lil basketball gurl~: oops yeah

~lil basketball gurl~: ok, i gotta go! and by the way, she didnt want a fuck from you anyway.ok c-ya later. bye!!!!!!!!


The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:


davepoobond: u just blocked me

~lil basketball gurl~: no i didnt

davepoobond: hmm

davepoobond: well, i said “lol” to that comment

~lil basketball gurl~: other wise i wouldnt receive a mesage from u

davepoobond: yeah, it said that

davepoobond: when i said “lol”

~lil basketball gurl~: k

davepoobond: have you seen it? or did she already say it was the gayest site ever to you?

~lil basketball gurl~: im leaving now, so erica (my sister) is going to chat now!! no i havnt seen it,but ill check it out later!!! k? bye, and please be nice to her. thanks bye

davepoobond: heh, all right

~lil basketball gurl~: k thanks!!!!!bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

davepoobond: bye

~lil basketball gurl~: bye!

davepoobond: …bye

~lil basketball gurl~: bye

davepoobond: bye

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