#6119: monkeytutu -> davepoobond

Note: little does davepoobond know, that “monkeytutu” is actually stimpyismyname…!


monkeytutu: i like squackle

davepoobond: ok

monkeytutu: CAN I JOIN?

davepoobond: no, you’re a loser

davepoobond: i will kill you

davepoobond: die

monkeytutu: oooohh….

monkeytutu: burn…..

monkeytutu: hey

monkeytutu: you could put this on dumb ims!

davepoobond: hi

monkeytutu: im helping already!

davepoobond: yep, that i could

monkeytutu: aby yo yo

monkeytutu: ABY YO YO!!!

monkeytutu: abiyoyo

monkeytutu: actually

davepoobond: no

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