#6115: davepoobond -> zav

davepoobond: YO! boieeeeeeeeee!

zav: who is this

davepoobond: my friends friend’s friend gave me your sn

zav: oh

davepoobond: but my friends friends friend is my friend…..

zav: whats the name

davepoobond: the name of what?

zav: u

davepoobond: whats my name?

zav: yea

davepoobond: yogi

davepoobond: whats urs

zav: Brandon

zav: and u

davepoobond: i just said it…..

davepoobond: YOGI

zav: oh

zav: where do u go to school

zav: ?

davepoobond: no where

davepoobond: i home school

zav: oh

davepoobond: cuz, the end of the world is coming soon

davepoobond: and my parents took me out of school

davepoobond: cuz they said there was no need

davepoobond: since the world was gonna end soon

zav: what

zav: thats gay

davepoobond: not my fault

davepoobond: my parents did it

davepoobond: so

davepoobond: have you looked at the stars lately?

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