#6108: davepoobond -> Eating Out Mya

davepoobond: do you eat boogers?

Eating Out Mya: Do you eat cocks?

davepoobond: do you eat boogers?

davepoobond: i asked you first

davepoobond: you answer mine, i’ll answer yours

Eating Out Mya: No.

davepoobond: oh boy, with a period even

davepoobond: thats how i know you’re sincere

Eating Out Mya: Who are you?

davepoobond: davepoobond

davepoobond: the extremely sexy goat

Eating Out Mya: Why did you IM me?

davepoobond: you were in the chat room

davepoobond: i was taking a survey

Eating Out Mya: Ummm

Eating Out Mya: Okay

davepoobond: ok

Eating Out Mya: Well, do you eat cocks?

davepoobond: nope

Eating Out Mya: Okay

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