#6081: lock -> davepoobond

lock: i

lock: suck my toe

davepoobond: really? thats great

lock: i have lot of fungus to taste

davepoobond: yep, i can imagine that would be good to eat

davepoobond: lots of vitamins too

lock: what are you nature boy

davepoobond: no

lock: yes

lock: so got a pic

davepoobond: no

lock: good i dont like you anyway

lock: blonds r retards

davepoobond: good

davepoobond: I’M NOT BLONDE

davepoobond: you idiot

davepoobond: what told you i was

lock: becuase you act like an idiot

davepoobond: great

lock: what do u think u r james bond???!!!

davepoobond: no

lock: then y the name?

davepoobond: cuz i’m Dave Bond

lock: ur wierd too, sux 4 u!!

davepoobond: yep, thats right

lock: ok bye, dummy

davepoobond: bye bye

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