#6076: Ayanna -> davepoobond

Ayanna: ((look dude, im serious. out. or else ill report you for harassment.))

Ayanna: ((which i can do. :))

davepoobond: waat?

davepoobond: how

Ayanna: ((youre ANNOYING. so go.))

davepoobond: wait

Ayanna: ((well basically we’ve told you to leave us alone and you wont.))

davepoobond: thanks

davepoobond: but lemme tell you something

Ayanna: whaaat?

davepoobond: arts and entertainment arent recognized as official rooms

Ayanna: Doesnt matter

Ayanna: I can still report you for harassment.

Ayanna: 🙂

davepoobond: nope

Ayanna: Yes I can

davepoobond: ya cant

Ayanna: Yes I can

davepoobond: fine, i’ll go

Ayanna: Now go away

Ayanna: Thank you

Ayanna: 🙂

davepoobond: i’m tired anyway

davepoobond: u guys are no fun

Ayanna: sorry

Ayanna: were leaving anyway

Ayanna: in like 5 minutes

davepoobond: i couldnt even do an exit

davepoobond: sheesh

Ayanna: thats okay.

davepoobond: stupid rats got away too

Ayanna: you can come bother us another time

davepoobond: i’m glad you have a rest infestation

Ayanna: me too

Ayanna: i like them

davepoobond: no way

davepoobond: u like to click on those links

davepoobond: that say “click me”

davepoobond: there were 4 of them

davepoobond: dont u remember

Ayanna: i remember

davepoobond: u like to click on those?

Ayanna: nope

Ayanna: do you?

davepoobond: then why’d u say u like rats

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: rats are stupid

Ayanna: thats nice

davepoobond: those stupid rats keep saying click me click me

davepoobond: they’re all blue and shiny

davepoobond: and they eat my cheese

davepoobond: off my toes

davepoobond: its nasty

Ayanna: yeah, its nasty

davepoobond: yeah, especially when they get to the bone

Ayanna: yeah, that hurts

Ayanna: its very painful

davepoobond: then i cuss and scream and call the paramedics

Ayanna: their saliva burns cause its sorta salty, ya know?

davepoobond: and then they come and say its a flesh wound then leave me to die

Ayanna: yeah

davepoobond: but somehow, i always pull through

Ayanna: just a scratch

davepoobond: i always have a cabinet full of different types of vaccinations

Ayanna: thats a good idea

davepoobond: cuz i stick lots of metal things in me and lots of rabid things bite me

Ayanna: yeah. you gotta be careful

Ayanna: theres a lot of rabid animals around

davepoobond: and sometimes i go invisible, so i need to inject myself with anti-inviso thingys

davepoobond: its painful

Ayanna: yeah…i dont like shots

davepoobond: i inject at least 24 gallons of stuff a week

Ayanna: wow.

Ayanna: isnt that harmful?

davepoobond: not really

Ayanna: i would think it was

Ayanna: you sorta act like it is

davepoobond: a little brain damage here and there

davepoobond: but nothing i really use anyway

Ayanna: yeah, i noticed

Ayanna: sorry to burst your little bubble of excitement, but ive gotta go

Ayanna: because im tired

davepoobond: ok bye

Ayanna: bye

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