#6062: stimpyismyname -> DeadOrAlive60

stimpyismyname: hey

stimpyismyname: whyd u leave

DeadOrAlive60: because the site is dumb and youwont tell me the ttruth

stimpyismyname: the site is just messed up

DeadOrAlive60: well is wcw boy real

stimpyismyname: itll be fixed in a month

stimpyismyname: no

DeadOrAlive60: well who was i talking to last night then

stimpyismyname: i alreadsy told u that

stimpyismyname: davepoobond

stimpyismyname: probly

stimpyismyname: who cares

DeadOrAlive60: is he a guy

stimpyismyname: yeah

DeadOrAlive60: well he told me he was masturbating with the mouse cord

stimpyismyname: u said u gave dogs blowjobs

DeadOrAlive60: i was just playing

DeadOrAlive60: i didnt have no one to talk to

stimpyismyname: so was he

stimpyismyname: idiot

DeadOrAlive60: well is he gay

stimpyismyname: no

DeadOrAlive60: how do you know

stimpyismyname: fine hes gay

stimpyismyname: what do you care

DeadOrAlive60: is he gay for real?

stimpyismyname: ui dont know

stimpyismyname: i dont know

DeadOrAlive60: well he talked ay last night he told me his dick isze

stimpyismyname: u asked

DeadOrAlive60: so just wanted to see if he really would answer them

stimpyismyname: ok

stimpyismyname: so he did

stimpyismyname: u asked a bunch of times

stimpyismyname: whatd u want him to do

DeadOrAlive60: because i am bi

stimpyismyname: ok…

DeadOrAlive60: i am bisexual

stimpyismyname: thats great

DeadOrAlive60: are you a guy

stimpyismyname: yeah

DeadOrAlive60: well are you straight?

stimpyismyname: yeah

DeadOrAlive60: well can we chat about sex?

stimpyismyname: now?

stimpyismyname: no

DeadOrAlive60: why not

stimpyismyname: why do you always want to

stimpyismyname: are you a sexaholic

DeadOrAlive60: because it makes me horny

stimpyismyname: thats wonderful

DeadOrAlive60: well can we?

stimpyismyname: i already said no

DeadOrAlive60: bye then

stimpyismyname: …..ok…

stimpyismyname: perv

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