#6055: stimpyismyname -> Lieb

stimpyismyname: hi

stimpyismyname: whatcha been up to

Lieb: hey whos this?

stimpyismyname: your…mom

stimpyismyname: jk

stimpyismyname: it’s raul

Lieb: raul

stimpyismyname: thorin

Lieb: where do i kno u from

stimpyismyname: raul thorin

stimpyismyname: we met in that….

stimpyismyname: chat…room

Lieb: lol who is this?

stimpyismyname: it’s dave

Lieb: o now its dave

stimpyismyname: yea

stimpyismyname: i was kidding b4

Lieb: how do i kno you?

stimpyismyname: school…

Lieb: dave who?

stimpyismyname: smith

Lieb: dave smith

Lieb: i dont kno a dave smith

Lieb: thats not ur name

stimpyismyname: you used to call me love bunny

stimpyismyname: ring a bell?

Lieb: o i did?

Lieb: ooo yeah

Lieb: dave its u

Lieb: now i remember

stimpyismyname: finally

stimpyismyname: so

stimpyismyname: …….

Lieb: how could i have forgotten

stimpyismyname: uhh

stimpyismyname: i dont

Lieb: so right who are you again?

stimpyismyname: know

stimpyismyname: david smith

stimpyismyname: really

stimpyismyname: my friends call me beatrix

stimpyismyname: or sam

stimpyismyname: joe

stimpyismyname: john

stimpyismyname: max

stimpyismyname: mark

stimpyismyname: colin

Lieb: wow u must have a lot of friends

stimpyismyname: jeff

stimpyismyname: no

stimpyismyname: ….

Lieb: they call u so many different things

stimpyismyname: they’re just idiots

Lieb: o ok

stimpyismyname: so what new with you

Lieb: well, dave john jeff whatever i g2g

stimpyismyname: what?

stimpyismyname: why

Lieb: so ill talk to u later

stimpyismyname: noooooooooo

Lieb: yeah

stimpyismyname: nooooooooooooooooooo

Lieb: later man

stimpyismyname: bitch

stimpyismyname: cant talk to your good buddy

Lieb: o is that my name now

stimpyismyname: david

Lieb: do u kno my name?

stimpyismyname: yeah….

stimpyismyname: liebra

stimpyismyname: or something

Lieb: liebra?

stimpyismyname: i’m not a “name” person

Lieb: good guess u got it

stimpyismyname: wowreally

stimpyismyname: wcw rules

stimpyismyname: from the east to the west

Lieb: really into wrestling eh?

stimpyismyname: no

stimpyismyname: not really

Lieb: o ok

Lieb: so the name means nothing

stimpyismyname: wrestlers like cock

Lieb: well this conversation is going now where and i dont kno u so ill talk to u some other time by dave

stimpyismyname: uhhhhhhhhh

stimpyismyname: but…

stimpyismyname: go to www.geocities.com/stinkybeefisgood

stimpyismyname: its a great site

stimpyismyname: mmmhmmm

Lieb: maybe some other time

Lieb: i gotta go

Lieb: later

stimpyismyname: mmmkay

Lieb signed off at 7:36:41 PM.

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