#5955: PharelakMark -> Ju§t1n

PharelakMark: wanna tussle

Ju§t1n: tussle?

PharelakMark: fuc wit my boo and we’ll 2 step

Ju§t1n: is that healthy?

PharelakMark: nah its bad 4 ur health….leaver alone cuz i always stash th toaster closely

Ju§t1n: where is the toaster now?

PharelakMark: nex 2 th chrome oven

Ju§t1n: so where were we

PharelakMark: they call me mr please believe it believe it pleasse….i put th pump in ur mouf and help u breathe wit ease

Ju§t1n: how much ease?

PharelakMark: as easy as doin ur momz mannn she b 2loose even 4 me

Ju§t1n: WOW

PharelakMark: truuu tha wow

PharelakMark: but u prally already knew tha shit tho huh

Ju§t1n: maybe…

PharelakMark: u b up2date on ur moms

Ju§t1n: and how many bites does it take to get to the center of a tootsiepop…?

PharelakMark: 46

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