#5946: blowthetoad -> Janelle

blowthetoad: weeee

Janelle: wut

Janelle: i can’t talk

Janelle: bye

blowthetoad: huh?

Janelle: bye

blowthetoad: why are u online then?

Janelle: becuase

Janelle: i’am looking things up

blowthetoad: aim is for talk

Janelle: soo

blowthetoad: then why are you on?

blowthetoad: if u can’t talk

Janelle: becuase

Janelle: i donno

blowthetoad: there is no point

Janelle: soo

blowthetoad: well, people are gonna im you

blowthetoad: and u can’t talk

blowthetoad: and aim is for talk…

blowthetoad: so why be on?

Janelle: beucase

Janelle: i’am waitng for someone to get on

blowthetoad: i thought you can’ttalk

Janelle: i’am not talking i’am gonna talk when the person gets on

blowthetoad: ok, i will im you when the personget’s on ok?

Janelle: oh k

blowthetoad: why do u deside 2 talk when that person get’s on?

Janelle: becuase

Janelle: ok i’ll talk now

Janelle: omg

blowthetoad: what

Janelle: y

Janelle: nm

blowthetoad: k

blowthetoad: wee woo

Janelle: yea ok

blowthetoad: ha hah ahah

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