Pencil Wrestling – Rules

Materials needed: A pencil or a pen, a TV

# of players: 1 or more

What you do:

1. Watch any wrestling program long enough to know and memorize their moves

2. Take a pen or pencil

3. Start performing moves on the pencil or pen, with your hand. This is just a “warm up,” but since you cant really get to #4 all the time, you mainly do it with pencils by yourself

4. Now, get 2 friends, one to be your opponent and another to be referee

5. Start wrestling with your opponents hand like it was a pencil, or pen, or whatever you “warmed up” with.

6. “Pin” your opponent for 3 counts

7. You can have whole tournaments with all your friends!

Boundaries: The wrestling “rink” if there are any

Modes of Play:

Practice = 1 hand vs. pencil

1vs1 = 1 hand vs. 1 hand

Tag Practice = 2 hands vs. pencil

2vs1 = 2 hands vs. 1 hand

2vs2 = 2 hands vs. 2 hands

and so on…

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