High School Chair Thingy Twist – Rules

Materials needed: A lot of high school chair thingys with table attached to them, and make at least 2 rows of the same amount of chairs. The more rows you have, the more can play.

# of players: 2 or more

What you do:

1. After you get all the materials, have everybody playing sit in the first chairs in the row, only one person per row.

2. After someone says “go,” twist to the left/right and don’t let go of the table of the seat behind you and sit in that chair and then repeat until you get to the last chair as fast as you can.

3. Whoever gets into the last seat wins. This game is guaranteed to break your shoes and lots of “fun.” If you don’t get fun out of this, why do people wash windows and say, “It was fun?”

Boundaries: The general area of the row, meaning you can’t break out and run away from the game and still be in it

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