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  1. Old comment for this download:

    Guest – May 30th, 2004, 9:46am
    It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with real Tolkien Elvish. It’s fake. If you go up to an elf and say “amin mela lle” the elf would say, “Av’iston i pennil. Adbedil?”

  2. …IT IS NOT A FAKE!!! It’s part of an online role-play called “Ultima Online”

    Well I’m more a role-player than a LOTR-Fan, and yes obviously it is NOT the same language, it’s an different eleven language called: Tel’Mithrim,

    If you look at the FAQ at http://www.grey-company.org/FAQ/ for a closer look, and more info, you will soon known, that it is, what I would prefer to call, an other dialect, NOT Tolkien, but IT IS NOT A FAKE!!! It’s part of an online role-play called “Ultima Online”

    I copied this at http://www.grey-company.org/FAQ/, to spare you the trouble.


    Elven Language and Writing

    Q. What’s this about an Elven Language?

    A. When J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the setting for the Lord of the Rings he crafted an entire world to go with it. Included in that world were the grammatical structure and a rudimentary dictionary for a number of Elven Tongues. Since we roleplay Elves online, we took that dictionary, simplified the grammatical structure and expanded the dictionary heavily. It is not cannon Elven as Tolkien wrote it, simply our own adaptation. Which we like better. Thank you very much.

  3. i could also ponit out that tolkien used the Arabic hebrew as a bases. i ave looked at the one u used here, and i do roleplay.

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