Regurgitated Severed Cunt Fart

Regurgitated Severed Cunt Fart – n. a wicked cool band that consists of Tommy D, Ry Guy, and K-Stro

One thought on “Regurgitated Severed Cunt Fart

  1. i saw you guys at the show when you toured with jay-z, counting crows, hanson, tlc, napalm death, joe cocker, fleetwood mac, ben harper, nelly, jewel, monster magnet, willie nelson, o-town, getto boyz, henry rollins, beck, slayer, mandy moore, destinys child, mudvayne, three doors down, c-murder, wyclef jean, hootie and the blowfish, the beatles(who reunited somehow with john lennon only for RSCF) ludacris, hole, john fogerty, wham! muddy waters, tears for fears, lionel richie, bono, cannibal corpse, cash money millionaires, sether, and aretha franklin

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