asshole – n. also known as boss, teacher, co-worker, and police <see boss, teacher, co-worker, and police>

;} most people in the Afghani area.

;} a stupid or annoying person that needs to be shot

;} any person that thinks his or her opinion or definition is more important or more correct than mine.

;} a stupid person that thinks you’re an asshole because you won’t break the rules and/or kiss their ass

;} any person that won’t answer a simple question

;} a bartender that complains when he doesn’t get tips, but he calls you a crybaby when you complain about not getting tips

;} any Harley owner that thinks he’s cool only because he has a Harley.

Ex. Uh, how much did your car and house cost, Mr. Cool? $50,000 & $500,000? No? Then you’re not as cool as you think you are, asshole.

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