Fuck Off

Nobody fucking listens to me, of if they do even a little, they don’t fucking care what I have to say, or denote it as “talking back” or “weak” or “not worth thinking about.”

You know what I say to all of them?  FUCK OFF.  FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF!  GODDAMIT!  The only people I can let off my anger or emotions to really is to you, the faceless visitors of this site that I take so much pride in, and the only thing in my life that seems successful even.  Everything seems to be trying to get in the way of it, almost forcing me to have to pass it along to someone else or close it down entirely, repeatedly over and over.

You know what I say to everyone of those people that try to get in the way?  Fuck you.  You might not know what I’m talking about really.  I’m just mad right now and felt like I should write something.

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