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Old Woman 1 enters the waiting room at a dealer car service place.  She comes in and recognizes Old Woman 2 saying something about how she recognizes her and something about church, but davepoobond was not listening intently on that part.  Old Woman 1 decides to “introduce” herself after Old Woman 2 doesn’t really recognize her anyway, and denying that she even does the things the Old Woman 1 was saying.

Old Woman 1: “Hi! My name is Nancy.”

Old Woman 2: “Oh.”

Old Woman 1: “What’s your name?”

Old Woman 2: “Huh?”

Old Woman 1: “What’s your name?”

Old Woman 2 says something about the TV being loud and Old Woman 1 asks like one or two more times, she has to raise her voice but since she’s old, she can’t really.

Old Woman 2: “Oh ………………. Louise.”

Old Woman 1: “Oh that’s my real name!”

– at a car dealer service place

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