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“i am a very attractive woman. i like to read. i love to go to church or temple. i like going to dinner and movies or a comedy show. i like watching TV and movies at home
i love to cuddle
i like giving free facials and massages at church and temples.
the old people at my church enjoy my free massage and facials to make them feel young and reduce wrinkles and”

– from a girl’s dating profile

One thought on “Quote #22643

  1. This girl sent me a message at 10:45 pm on a Thursday asking me “what am I doing tonight” and to meet her somewhere. I would assume that at that point I would have already figured out what I would be doing that night. Plus she probably just wanted to hook up or something but she’s kinda gross looking — not “attractive” at all hahaaaaaaaaa yeah…

    I didn’t even see her message until like 3 days later.

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