#22498: davepoobond -> YoursTruly

davepoobond: poo

YoursTruly: lol long time

davepoobond: motown legends are the coolest

davepoobond: yeah…

YoursTruly: really? what are they about?

davepoobond: uhh

davepoobond: motown is a company

davepoobond: and they just put legends on the end of their names

davepoobond: for their most popular artists

davepoobond: so they can put cds out for them

davepoobond: of all their best songs

davepoobond: and they’re all black artists

YoursTruly: ohhhh, nice

YoursTruly: so whatcha doin?

davepoobond: not much

davepoobond: you

YoursTruly: being bored, i gave up on chat room rpg now i just play real rpgs………… so boring

davepoobond: heh

davepoobond: video game rpgs are better

davepoobond: it takes less creativity

YoursTruly: lol yeah i guess, plus there are no gay neebies on video games

davepoobond: that too

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