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::Test day for Comm 233.  During the test, the moderately attractive girl smacks her gum in the quiet room fairly loudly.  During which, she also writes very hard on the paper and you can hear every single stroke of the pencil and pen she used.  Afterwards, at work… ::

davepoobond: Geez, I did kinda bad on the test.  I didn’t even know we had a test until I turned and asked the guy sitting next to me.

Ely Munaz:  hahaha!

davepoobond: And this girl next to me was chewing her gum really loudly the whole time.  As much as I liked hearing the noises coming from her mouth for about 10 seconds, it got annoying real fast.

::Ely Munaz laughs again::

davepoobond: And she wrote really hard on the paper, too.  It was like a flamethrower under her pencil.  FWOOOOSH FWOOOOSH FWWOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!

– at davepobond’s job, 6/10/07

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