“Hey Maestro” celebrating 10 years!

Hi this is J2K. In 2001 I made a thread on the GamePro.com forums entitled “Hey Maestro, I think we’re the only ones here!”. Somehow the thread ballooned up into thousands and thousands of posts long and is even intact on their forums today! Don’t believe me? Check this out:

“The original “Hey Maestro, I think we’re the only ones here” topic was started by a user named j2k as a random, late-night discussion and, for whatever unknown reason, took on a life of its own with thousands of replies. It became the unofficial “anything goes” topic, the thread for any and all random thoughts and conversations–something of a forum mascot. Due to server errors and whatnot, the thread has been restarted several times, most recently by a GamePro editor who wanted to see the tradition continue. Whatever the topic’s current count, you can add about 25,000 to it from the earlier editions. And that said, please don’t try to duplicate it–it’s one of a kind and we like it that way.”


If anyone out there is from the original GamePro forums and sees this, please comment!

On another note. You’ll be seeing a lot more content on this site from me in the near future so stay tuned!

– J2K

10 thoughts on ““Hey Maestro” celebrating 10 years!

  1. Haha yes! I remember that thread! Brings back memories, I used to frequent that forum under the nick “Magic”… those were good times…

  2. hi you guys remember me? i was there nick name Excalibur i remember, ppl like PS2Shadow. and maestro Where are those guys, the good old days thank you J2K i remember you well .

  3. Wow, RIP GamePro. It’s too bad that in around 2002 the forums went to crap and a lot of good posters abandoned ship. It’s good to see at least a few still remember the good times!

  4. I was there… We were kids. Seems like only yesterday plus a bunch of years. Miss that site. Honestly, I have often asked myself if today’s social media got the idea from old GP.com… seriously! We did the social media thing first and we just freestyled it. Anyway. I never liked you, and I think the feeling was mutual, but I’m happy someone mentioned that long ass thread.

  5. I wish there was a way we could do it again, but… doubtful. A Facebook group or something. Gaming has changed so much since back then, but there’s still so much to argue about.

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