Jingle Bells Song #21904

Jingle Bells
Santa smells
Easter’s on its way
Oh what fun it is to ride
In a beat up Chevrolet!

(Repeat x1)

Dashing down the road
In a beat up Chevrolet
Down the street we go
Gasping all the way

Horns on traffic go
Engine smoking thick
What fun it is to drive and make
People get real sick, oooooh

(Chorus x2)

Now my time’s not right
What a real sad sight
Motor’s blown some oil
Making my blood boil

Rods and pistons gone
What a horrible funk
Because I owe JD Byrider
Five grand for this piece of junk…oooooh

(Chorus x1)

Jingle Bells
Byrider smells
Creditors on their way
Because I owe $5000 bucks
On this beat up Chevrolet!!!

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