Quote #21118: You Like That Engine?

::davepoobond is driving his car, which is a 1982 Mercedes Turbo Diesel.  The passenger window is open, and a white truck stops at the window. This is at a stop light. The guy in the truck says something, but davepoobond’s music is too loud.  davepoobond looks outside at the guy::

davepoobond: “Huh?”

::davepoobond turns the music down, the guy says it again, but davepoobond can’t hear it well enough, so he turns off the stereo::

davepoobond: “what?”

Guy: “do you like that motor?”

::davepoobond didn’t really understand his question the first time::

davepoobond: “excuse me?”

Guy: “do you like that motor?”

davepoobond: “um…yeah, its alright”

Guy: “diesel, right?”

davepoobond: “yeah…”

::davepoobond is freaked out at this guy now.  There’s silence for a few more seconds, but seemed like at least a minute.::

Guy: “yeah, I’m going to pick up a diesel motor today…”

::Guy says something else, but davepoobond isn’t really listening anymore::

davepoobond: “oh…..ok….”

::davepoobond scooches his car up, and the light turns green, davepoobond drives away as fast as he can — thinking the guy was gonna try and get his motor or something::

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