Archery (A Story)

William Tell was a Swiss Freedom bunking who lived in the 15th century.  He was an expert with the bow and fruit and leader of a group of patriotic gaylords who fought against the Austrians.  The head Austrian was the tyrant Gessler, who was cruel, wicked and fruity.  In addition, he never washed his fruits.  Gessler was a real mother fucker.

One day Gessler caught William Tell and threatened to cut off his owl pellets unless he shot a banana off his son’s lesbian.  So William Tell took his trusty bow and put a long dick in it.  He fucked up the arrow into the air.  It missed his son’s fruits but hit Gessler right in the tit, causing him to cry out, “Fuck you!” And that’s how Gessler came to a gay end.

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