Hector’s Stupid Email

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Y’know, sometimes we get stupid e-mail.  And when I get stupid e-mail, I post it on my web site.  This came through the mailing list that is shared by my job, and it’s really not supposed to have stupid shit like this sent through it.

Sent by: “Hector B.”

Date: Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 8:15 PM

Subject: Amazing News!!!!

If you are currently looking for a better job, better paying, more satisfying job, look no further!!! lol. Or if you just want to make extra income from home??? Please feel free to contact me. There is a huge event going down this saturday morning feb 5th. Please let me know. Best wishes. Thanks for your time.

On Feb 9, I sent this back to him:

“Dude don’t send this crap to me”

“Hector B.” sends this back:

sorry man.

Fuck you Hector B.  You are an amateur spammer and suck at it!  Now time for a random lol:  lol.  As a result, someone else replied to his spam message with another spam for some asshole tutor:

Date: Feb 11, 2011

Subject: In need of a tutor?

Hi guys,

I just wanted to recommend a tutor to anyone in need of help in any of the subjects or standardized tests( LSAT, MCAT) listed on the attachment. This tutor has helped me excel in so many of my classes and I just wanted to share the love.

Thanks so much for your time!

Fuck youuuuuuuu!!!!

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