What Names Mean

These are a list of names that tell you what they mean. Look for yours and see what it means. If it’s not on here, tell us your name, and we’ll put it up for you. Most of these we just got from a stupid email, obviously made by a girl. Don’t think that we’re gay or anything….ok?


Aaron – is smart and quiet
Adam – is loud and obnoxious
Alex – is small and holmley
Andy – is nice (until you get to know them)
Anthony – is funny and has lots of friends
Ben – is sweet and cute
Bob – is quiet and unpopular
Brad – thinks everyone likes them..(they don’t though)
Brendon – is a screwoff
Brett – wants “some” but can’t get any
Brian – is a hotty
Bryan – is sexy, but stupid
Chris – is adorable, and have lots of “different” friends
Clark – is hilarious and always in trouble
Cory – ready for anything (especially with girls)
Craig – is popular and “studly”
Curt – can kick anyones butt
Dan – can be shy or they can be loud and annoying
David – usually hot
Derek – has a good butt
Doug – has a greasy face
Drew – is a bad loser
Eric – is a loner
Erik – think they’re funny and popular (they’re not!)
Ethan – is a quiet pshycopath
Frank – is a complete butthole
Gary – is a drug addict
Greg – is a suck-up
Jake – is hott and sweet
Jason – is a player
Jeff – wants everyone
Jeremey – is a molester
Jesse – has no friends
James – is luscious, and studly
Jimmy – is cool and sweet
Joe – has no friends
John – is fat and lazy
Josh – is a horny man
Justin – is an ugly butthole
Kevin – can never get a girlfriend
Kyle – is a little cutie
Lance – will do anybody
Luke – seems to be sweet (watch out)
Mark – is popular with girls only
Matt – is popular and hott (they can be too up front)
Mike – is very good looking, but will do anything with anyone
Nathan – is smarter then hell
Nick – thinks he’s cool (boy is he wrong!)
Noel – is fucking retarded
Paul – wants too many chicks he’ll never get!
Phil – has an awesome six-pack
Ross – is rich
Ryan – is known they can get any girl
Sam – is a stalker
Scott – is the best type of person to be around
Sean – is fat amd horny
Shane – is a crack addict
Steve – wishes they had more friends
Tim – is too skinny
Tom – is too hairy
Travis – can’t get anything (from chicks or guys) hint,hint
Trevor – expects too much from their girlfriend
Tyler – is sexy
Will – uses every girl they go out with (they don’t really like them)

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