Chatroulette #12198

German Guy: du hund

davepoobond: das boot

German Guy: wheare you from

davepoobond: usa

davepoobond: you

German Guy: i m from germay

German Guy: wat s am mann

German Guy: up

davepoobond: nothin, just bored

davepoobond: how about you

German Guy: i m coksing

davepoobond: is that german for masturbating

davepoobond: there’s too many people masturbating on here

German Guy: im speaking ltle english

davepoobond: i dont know any german, so i cant really help 🙁

German Guy: wow

German Guy: have you girl friend

German Guy: in usa

davepoobond: no, do you have a girlfriend in usa

German Guy: no

German Guy: hear in germany

German Guy: i m have

German Guy: bitshes

davepoobond: lots of bitches right

German Guy: yes i m fuck hear bithses in ass

davepoobond: i hope you use a condom, its not good to get shit in your dick

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