#10934: davepoobond -> manceman

davepoobond: remember that candy, String Thing

davepoobond: ?

manceman: what candy string thing?

davepoobond: yeah it was a candy

manceman: not really

manceman: what s it fronm?

davepoobond: like the 90s

davepoobond: it was in a box

davepoobond: there’s like a carton

davepoobond: and inside a package

davepoobond: and on the carton there was these designs

davepoobond: that were made with the candy

manceman: nope

manceman: i dont remember that

manceman: y?

davepoobond: just wondering. it just popped into my head after 6 years

manceman: haha

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