#10916: hockeybreezer16 -> davepoobond

hockeybreezer16: hi

davepoobond: hi

hockeybreezer16: want to cyber

davepoobond: i thought we already did

davepoobond: i put my strap-on on and fucked you in the ass over and over

hockeybreezer16: its your turn

hockeybreezer16: i didnt go

davepoobond: did i mention that i usually have 43 year olds screw me in the ass, and i have a really loose ass

davepoobond: and i have a line of boobs going down my back

davepoobond: and i am 12 years old

hockeybreezer16: ya

davepoobond: ok

hockeybreezer16: i want to fuck u

davepoobond: and i want to fuck you too

hockeybreezer16: put my dick in your pussy

davepoobond: you don’t remember? i have 2

davepoobond: one is to the left

davepoobond: one is to the right

davepoobond: which one?

hockeybreezer16: both but not a the same time

hockeybreezer16: right

davepoobond: right as in ok or right as in right now or right as in the right one

hockeybreezer16: right one

davepoobond: ok you’re stupid

hockeybreezer16: i want your right one first

davepoobond: shut up

hockeybreezer16: y

davepoobond: you’re annoying

hockeybreezer16: y

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