#10911: davepoobond -> CaseyTrack

davepoobond: fuck off

CaseyTrack: ok

davepoobond: good.

davepoobond: notice the period.

CaseyTrack: yea

davepoobond: hey baby i’m legal now. click here to ::FUCK ME::

davepoobond: stop clicking

davepoobond: you’re fucking me too hard

davepoobond: ow ow wow

CaseyTrack: go bother someone else

davepoobond: wanna know what your profile says

davepoobond: One reason of life is to experience it and learn while you’re in it….so why do people give up on whats ahead of themselves?

Friends keep a person happy.

Don’t do drugs.

I dont do shout outs cuz i think i like everyone in this world.

….or am i too positive?

Couldn’t EC mean Educated Child…so why do we make fun of it?

Why do humans do the stupidest things in the world?

Has aim turned to a dating service now?

Why are there condoms and pills when the reason to have sex is to reproduce?

How come religion is always the conflict of war today?

Why is there a thing called oral sex when your mouth is the system for your daily survival by eating?

Do most of us go to school because of our great education oppotunity or because of friends and a person that we really like?

Is the supreme maker of all laughing at us because we have different religions?

davepoobond: hello

davepoobond: are you implying that i have no life

davepoobond: well i do!

davepoobond: and i’m living it LARGEe!

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