#10882: MyLeftTesticle -> davepoobond

MyLeftTesticle: hey baby

davepoobond: hi

MyLeftTesticle: so what you up to?

davepoobond: not much. downloading legal music from mp3.com and typing up stuff from my squackle notebooks

davepoobond: you

MyLeftTesticle: oh just thinking about you

davepoobond: unh hunh…

MyLeftTesticle: so what are you wearing?

davepoobond: anything you want

MyLeftTesticle: ohhhh, you nasty girl

davepoobond: ::fluttery eyelashes::

MyLeftTesticle: so you wana hook up

davepoobond: yeah

MyLeftTesticle: where you at?

davepoobond: home

MyLeftTesticle: why dont you come over.

MyLeftTesticle: im here alone

davepoobond: i’m a little tied up right now

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