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FastHStreetRacer: Hi. My name is jenna, I am 7 years old, I have black hair, red eyes, no ears and no mouth. I am . You must send this message to 15 people within the next 5 minutes or I will appear by your bed tonight and kill you with a knife. If you do something good will happen to you at 12:12 pm. Either you will get a call, or someone will instant message you and say that they you. This is not a jok

davepoobond: you are so gay

davepoobond: if you have no ears and no mouth how are you supposed to kill me

davepoobond: everyone knows you need to be able to hear and be able to do something with your mouth when you kill someone

Previous message was not received by FastHStreetRacer because of error: User FastHStreetRacer is not available.

I warn him to 53%

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